Each year, English for Action hosts a soccer tournament for learners and community soccer players as a fundraiser. This year, we had not only great weather and energetic teams, but also fabulous face painting by Our School mentors. A particularly elaborate request was a quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala, which Dan completed masterfully.

Extracting DNA

Recently, Rob showed us how to use rubbing alcohol, soap, and coffee filters to extract the DNA from strawberries! We talked about what DNA is and then had fun mushing the strawberries up to separate the DNA. Once it was extracted, we could even hold the white strands up to examine. The experiment works especially well with strawberries, because they have more pairs of chromosomes than anything else!

Marbleized Paper

We have done a lot of experiments with paper at Our School- making our own paper, dying paper using a technique Mona learned in Japan, and most recently, marbleizing paper. To marbleize paper, we mixed paint into shaving cream and then dipped paper into the mixture. Mixing the paint into the shaving cream was maybe even more fun than making the paper.


Rob loves to lead science experiments at Our School, especially when they relate to birds. Two weeks ago, Rob taught us all new facts about birds by creating a game of Jeop-Birdy. It was a close competition!

Spring in the Garden!

Every Thursday, Tara Cimini comes and leads Garden Club at Our School. We spent the winter learning new recipes and drawing in our garden notebooks, but now it is finally getting warm enough to go outside! So far, we have been busy watering the plants and planting new seeds, like spinach.


This is a new internet place where kids in the Our School program at English for Action in Providence can post all the sweet videos and other things they make for you all out there to take a look at! Neat stuff on the way!